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Enabled us to achieve outrageous success by breaking conventional thinking.

Help us to have confidence in ourselves so we finally stop doubting ourselves

Karan’s dinners have changed the way we create and develop leads.

I’ve been able to retain top talent in my industry, that has helped grow my company by 27%.

What is Jube?

"Just-Be" Yourself

Jube was founded by Karan Nijhawan, an entrepreneur  dedicated to helping companies and entrepreneurs build deeper connections.

Most companies and entrepreneurs work with us to host “Human Connection” experiences for this teams, prospects and clients. 

These curated experiences will help you build deeper relationships with your prospects and clients, making want to work with you their idea

Karan Nijhawan

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Human Connection Dinners

We help companies and high-ticket coaches increase the probability of turning prospects into clients.

Scaling Your Biz Courses

Courses designed specifcally for Solopreneurs to scale their business, to their first $5k, $10K, and $20K+ months!

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Every great entrepreneur knows they can't do it alone. That's why this group exists.

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